Virtual Gastric Band Therapy


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Virtual Gastric Band uses the concept of having an imaginary gastric band fitted to help you reduce your portion sizes and eat healthily.

The sessions also incorporate a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Processing) to encourage you to rethink your attitude towards food and eating and move away from the whole dieting concept.

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy helps you to end your struggle with food and introduces you to a new, permanent lifestyle of healthy eating habits, which will not only help you to achieve and subsequently maintain your ideal weight easily but also boost your self-esteem in the process, so that you feel much more positive and confident about yourself and your life in general.

Dieting alone is rarely enough to reduce weight and keep it off permanently because diets simply do not address the all-important complex, emotional relationship that overweight people have with food.

Because most diets cannot be sustained for more than a short time, we automatically perceive a diet as a temporary phase; it becomes a form of miserable, self-inflicted torture that you have to suffer through.

Deprivation simply creates stronger desire leading to an obsession with food, craving all the things you are not allowed to eat. As soon as you come to the end of a diet, you finally give in to overwhelming desires and return to your old unhealthy eating habits, regaining all the weight again.

The normal way to change our habits is by constant repetition of a new behaviour pattern until that becomes accepted by the subconscious and replaces the old outdated pattern.

Your subconscious mind readily accepts new information when you are in a relaxed state, so we can speed up the process of changing habits by speaking directly to your subconscious mind and reprogramming it, using hypnosis.

Unlike a diet, Virtual Gastric Band therapy is an enjoyable experience, after which you will be able to relax around food and no longer be obsessed about it.

You will not feel deprived or restricted about what you can or cannot eat and, more importantly, you will find it easy to slim down to the target weight you have set yourself because for the first time ever as both your conscious and your subconscious mind will be working together, locked onto your goal, giving you all the motivation you need to succeed.


I had been overweight and fighting with obesity for many years and had been experimenting with various diets. Unfortunately nothing worked. The next option was bariatric surgery. Being a doctor and in the management cadre, I have run many hospitals. I was exposed to many drawbacks in this kind of surgery. On further research, I came across gastric mind banding.

After reading a lot and being convinced of no side effects, I contacted Anna Yates in Dubai who I found to be very good in this particular field. I contacted her and went through a 5 day course of sessions. In a month I lost about 7 Kgs without sacrificing on things I liked to eat. She prepares you well and gives you scientific backing and evidence and since then I have been feeling good. I have a target and I am confident of meeting the target. I feel better. I fit into many of my old shirts and pants that I could not get into. Your mind becomes determined and motivated. So I wish Anna Yates a very happy new year and would congratulate her on the excellent work that she is doing.
Dr Suresh Menon
Ministry of Health, Republic of Seychelles.

"Anna has given me a totally new perspective on food. I am able to eat exactly as I like and do not deny myself the foods that I love. However, my diet has improved tremendously as I no longer snack on junk food and cakes and biscuits have become an occasional rather than daily treat. Three months after my hypnosis I have lost 9kg with great ease. I find the recordings that Anna gave me very relaxing and still listen to them several times a week. "
Jenny Mollon

"I was about to start a new job and was asked to take a medical. When I did, I was so ashamed. I was 97 kgs and clinically obese. I had stopped weighing myself a while back but how the hell had I let it get this bad? My dad's side of the family were 'all big boned' as my mum used to say, so I was never going to be small, or that was the mind set I had. My dad, uncle and gran all had type 2 Diabetes too. I had a BMI of nearly 32.

After yet another failed New Years' Resolution, I finally decided I had to do something about my weight after years of putting it off. This was at the start of February.

The difference this time was that it had to stay off. About 8 years ago, I lost a lot of weight with one of the low carb diets but eventually put it all back on, and more.

I started looking for help through hypnosis to see if that would help, I was getting desperate. I found an article about GMB and after a lot of thought and reading various articles on it, decided to give it a go.

I was very sceptical at first but after going through the sessions with Anna, I seemed to be determined to follow this through and actually change my life regarding my attitude towards food.

I worked hard at ensuring I was a little more active. I got myself a fitbit on Anna's advice and noted everything I ate, with no cheating whatsoever. I was addicted to getting 10k steps every day too, no matter how hot it was, how tired I felt, I got out and did it.

I then started finding that I wasn't able to eat the portions I seemed to eat before. My wife was making way too much every night and I ate half of what was put on my plate.

After only a few weeks, the weight stared to fall off. I was noticing a huge difference in my clothes. Some of the stuff I had put at the back of the wardrobe for when I am thin again was finding its way from the back of the wardrobe to the front. The clothes I was wearing were being pushed further to the rear.

I started buying smaller sizes in clothes. I couldn't believe how easy it was for the weight to be coming off me. People were noticing and that was a huge thing for me.

I kept up my regular visits to Anna (this has helped greatly). She continued to supply me with CDs as well as articles she had found on the net. I still dread going to see her in case I have stayed the same weight, or even worse gained. I think I have been once where I was exactly the same and I was distraught. Anna talked me through it and told me not to worry. I worked extra hard the following week to ensure I didn't get a repeat of that. It worked.

The big thing for me is that it isn't a diet as such. You aren't making special meals just for you, it's just smaller portions, as well as not snacking in between meals.

I went from a (tight) 36 inch waist, to 32 inches. My weight has plummeted from 97 kgs to 81.3 kgs. I would like to reach 80 or slightly under but I am not as hell bent on achieving it as I was in the early days. I am just delighted to be where I am right now. If I maintain this weight for the rest of my life I will be delighted.

I still look in the mirror and don't see much difference which seems strange. I guess it is down to the fact that when I was fat, I kept thinking I was seeing the guy staring in the mirror now, just carrying a few extra pounds.

My family left for the summer the other night and I took my daughter's suitcase from the bedroom to load in the car. I could not believe how much it weighed. She told me it was 16kgs. I almost fell over with shock. The suitcase weighed the same amount as the fat I had lost.

I am delighted at how I now am and adamant I will never go back to my old bad eating habits."

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